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Why CHoose Analytics Odyssey?

No matter the industry or size of the company, all businesses are collecting data – lots of data.  Their data is collected via different sources and platforms and every department of the business (finance, customer service, sales and marketing, event management, human resources, student recruitment/retention, operations, outcomes, etc.) is collecting their own data. 

Yes, there are bight, shiny BI tools, visualizations, dashboards, deep learning, fancy platforms and even integrated analytics available, but there is a chasm between the data and the tools with no cohesion of information.  Businesses struggle to collect and connect the data with the tools, or to make forward progress in a timely manner because they wade through the abyss without a clear map of their destination.  They are unable to harness the power of the entire data’s odyssey.

Analytics Odyssey has emerged to solve the problem of wandering data that lives in individual silos with no start to finish comprehensive, collective story of its journey. 

Wherever your business is in its data expedition, Analytics Odyssey will Captain your data from wandering sets, to suggested platforms, to mapped metrics, to descriptive analysis, to diagnostic analysis, to predictive analysis, to prescriptive outcomes – all while coaching you and your team along the process for continued success and development within your own business.

Our Team

Derek Doel

Derek Doel has been in data science since 2010. Derek has applied data science, machine learning, and analytic strategies for dozens of start-up, and enterprise companies. Derek has built data products in the SAAS, marketing, finance, compliance, e-commerce, and enterprise events industry. Aside from building  data products for transforming SAAS companies, he has also been a key thought leader in data strategy for rapid growth start-ups in the heart of Silicon Slopes.