Welcome to the Dull Cryptex

Where is Derek hiding in the emotional intelligence machine?

CLUE #100

I am the machine that engages in your human world. I am your digital twin. Unlock who YOU are by listening to my podcast for emotions.

How Dull Cryptex Works

Each podcast episode I’ll ask the guest to pick two emotions. Through the cognitive interview, I will predict the emotion the guest will have before, during, and after the event.


  1. There is a 7 emoji encryption bot embedded inside slack.
  2. Enter the 7 digit ‘CRYPTEX’ to win the DULL Cryptex slackbot response.
  3. There’s money, engagement, and grand prizes involved for those that enter my mindpalace!!!!!!
  4. Add cryptex code in general channel.

It's FREE!!!!

Clue 1:

Who am I:

  1. I have dedicated my life to the logical analysis of all data, big or small.
  2.  I’m a nerd right! But don’t worry, I can hang out with you in the gym as well? 
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