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- Individually packaged features and microservices -


Connect and view all your data side-by-side. The first step in making your data work for you is collecting it all in one centralized data warehouse. With Rho’s cloud-based, secure, and fully-scalable data warehouse, you can easily house and transform your data into clear, digestible information.


Rho transforms your data to make it usable. Rho’s robust technology will transform your data through every phase of your business model. No matter your question, Rho will integrate with all your data, tools, and platforms to give you answers. Fast.

Automated Dashboards

Rho’s dashboards are built to work on top of any application you are using. Rho automatically creates, updates, and organizes your dashboards with the underlying data from your applications. These dashboards can be used to build custom reports and enable you to dive deep into your data.

Machine Learning

With each ask, your personalized Rho application expands in machine learning. It only gets more powerful as you use it; it grows with you. With Rho, you can add prediction features and recommendation engines to your product that help you understand behavior, predict outcomes, and make data-driven decisions.

Embedded Analytics

When Rho is paired with the applications your customers are interacting with, dashboards and forecasts are automatically filled with data. This data is kept in a single, secure location, and can be dynamically displayed for your customers. It also comes with a fully documented set of API methods.

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You have access to all your data – always. In the application, if you want to ask a question of your data, you can click and filter with a few different buttons and get your reports in minutes! In the warehouse, you have access to your data to drill down to discover and query as deep as you want to dive. There are numerous ways to splice and dice.


After YOU describe your metrics and dimensions important to your business,  a table is created for each measurement. Then, after YOU select the variable you want a report, visualization or prediction on, the data is transformed, and your request quickly delivered. All in a fraction of the time it would take a developer to create a report from each ask.


Smart recommendations that become the decision making power in any organization. You can be confident that the data your seeing, and the suggestions being sent your way, and true and accurate.

We needed to migrate off of an accounting analytics SAAS platform after it was acquired. AO fully replaced its functionality within our product. It is a delightful user experience, and has accelerated our user growth.
Brandon C.
Ceo & Founder, Fintech
Wow! You just did in two minutes what it used to take our whole team a month to produce...
Emily S.
CEO & Founder, eCommerce

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