Data Literacy in SAAS

Episode 100: Data Literacy Qlik Global Head of Data Literacy, helping individuals and organizations realize their data and analytical potential by bringing to light and enhancing skills in data literacy. When not found within data and analytics, he can be found with his family or trail running the mountains of Utah.

The three disciplines of data utilization in SAAS

It takes discipline to build your data products Author: Derek Doel (Founder and Podcast Host) Hello, my name is Derek Doel and I’ve been in the Data Science discipline for the last decade. In that time I’ve seen small businesses and enterprises alike change their perspective on the value that data has for their company. […]

Baby Steps to Complete Analytical Maturity

Establishing the base foundation: 3 steps to building descriptive analytics The data for your business does not exist until your business designs a product (or integrates with one) that generates it. Once everything is in place and the lights turn on, it’s your customer’s usage that creates the data you want to mine. But what […]

How to create a mind palace and populate with Data

Ever wonder how engineers can step into a company, join a development team, and start building software right away? It’s because the way a business logically builds its database, is the exact same way their brains logically think. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your mind is constantly building a database and storing your […]