Franchisors empowered with comprehensive and attainable data analytics to make better decisions faster through Analytics Odyssey’s modern data stack. 

PROVO,  FEB 17, 2022 — Analytics Odyssey, data analytics solutions provider, announced its partnership with Five Star Franchising, a leading home-service franchising firm in Utah. The partnership aims to help each franchise brand optimize its operations, improve performance, and scale quicker through data-driven insights.

As part of the partnership, Five Star Franchising will white-label Analytics Odyssey’s advanced analytics platform allowing real-time tracking and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs). This will enable franchisors to make informed decisions about their operations, marketing, and sales strategies across all their brands. Performance reports can easily be generated and shared with the Board of Directors and equitiy partners through the data platform.

In addition to providing the data analytics platform, Analytics Odyssey will also supply Five Star Franchising partners with customized training, support, and consulting services to help them fully utilize the platform and gain the maximum benefits from their data.

“We are excited to partner with Five Star Franchising to bring our data analytics solutions to their franchise system,” said Derek Doel, CEO of Analytics Odyssey. “We believe that data-driven insights are essential for any business looking to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, and we look forward to helping franchisors optimize their operations and improve performance through our platform.”

“Before working with Analytics Odyssey, our data was fractured and dispersed throughout different CRMs,” said Shane Mackay, Chief Technology Officer of Five Star Franchising. “We really needed specialized reports that worked with each of our brands. Analytics Odyssey provided the expertise and team we needed all within a budget that made sense. We are extremely happy with the way they have organized and transformed our data, and thrilled to have a partner with such expertise to work with and advise our existing data personnel.”


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About Analytics Odyssey

Analytics Odyssey helps businesses make confident decisions by taking advantage of the power behind their datastack. They provide advanced data tools like data warehousing, modeling, and DataOps, as well as end-to-end management and consulting to empower employees at every step of the data chain, from analyst to executive. With Analytics Odyssey, franchisors can access their data whenever they need it, right at their fingertips.